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We offer talks, training and workshops with Carl Stormer.  Our approach combines insights from jazz, technology, entrepreneurship, visual arts and crisis management.  See a full list of topics here.

Jazzcode´s method and approach to teamwork in turbulence has been (and still is) part of the curriculum at the Norwegian State Program for Top Management Teams and the training program for trama teams at Harvard Medical School.

JazzCode Harvard Med School Childrens SIMPeds HD from JazzCode on Vimeo.

Carl Størmer´s Jazzcode talk Control is for Beginners was the top rated talk at a CIONET conference in Brussels where he spoke to 170 Chief Information Officers from Europe´s largest companies:

Carl Størmer was the highest ranked speaker at this two days event
Carl Størmer was the highest ranked speaker at this two days event

Jazzcode offers professional teams tools to influence complex situations where timing is essential.  We offer inspiring talks featuring Carl Størmer, training sessions in structured thinking, workshops for management teams on how to optimize for presence in turbulence and jazz performances with leading jazz musicians.  We operate globally out of  Oslo, Norway.

Jazzcode featured in Harvard Business Review named Control is for Beginners.  Written by Deborah Mills-Scofield.  Here is a video sampler of Carl Størmer´s talk about jazz, leadership and life:

PS: Check out Jazzcode´s latest album, Always Different (2017) featuring Bendik Hofseth, Mike Mainieri, Jorn Oien, Bruno Raberg, Sidiki Camara and Carl Stormer.

Carl Stormer uses jazz, personal stories and actionable frameworks to illustrate how to increase team influence in complex unpredictable situations driven by automation, specialization and syncronicity. In these situations, traditional management techniques are increasingly obsolete because they are based being in control.  Carl introduces robust models to show how to improve interaction quality in teams by being present. Applicable for expert teams in turbulence –basically when out of control. Read Harvard Business Review article.

Jazzcode help high-performing leaders and professional teams improve their performance by strengthening their ability to manage complex interactions.  We inspire people too by having a strong message and a personal delivery.

We believe that the essential skills for success in the emerging post-industrial economy include mastery of communicating for impact, solving the right problems in the right way, visualizing complexity, making meetings matter, negotiating for value, and other capabilities that capitalize on complex interactions.  When complex conversations are at the core of what you do, we show you how to improve your effectiveness.

We run intensive, action-oriented workshops for small groups of executives, consultants, analysts, and other professionals who succeed best when they transcend conventional command and control mechanisms.

We also offer talks, often combined with live music, coupled with lectures, to highlight life lessons derived from jazz performances and medical crisis management, in which Carl convenes and explains how a small ensemble of excellent musicians — often playing together for the first time — can create extraordinary, unique musical experiences, seemingly on the fly.

In addition to being an experienced entrepreneur and executive, Carl Størmer is a highly accomplished musician.  Here is his recording, Control is for Beginners, released in 2014.

Our clients include some of the world’s most admired organizations, and we are proud to have earned their respect.

Jazzcode was founded by Carl Stormer

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