Information about the “Miles Davis: Kind of Blue” case.

We will discuss the Harvard Business School case “Miles Davis: Kind of Blue“, written by Robert D. Austin and Carl Størmer.

Miles Davis, 1959: Kind of Blue

To learn anything you need to the case before we discuss it.  As you read the case, think about the following issues:

  1. Innovation
    1. What made Miles Davis such a great innovator? Why was he able to “jump to the next S-curve” rather than stay with the musical styles that had brought him such fame?
    2. How would you explain his approach to making Kind of Blue?  What were the most important elements in his approach that lead to the modal jazz breakthrough and the album’s commercial success?
    3. How would you characterize Miles Davis´ leadership style.

In addition to the discussion, we will talk about attention management, how it influences collaboration, and the difference between collaboration and division of labor.   Class notes.

Here is the presentation I gave in class:

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