We run intensive, action-oriented workshops over one to three days where we teach experts how to aquire, organize and transfer insight in a structure way.  This is useful for specialists who need to understand complexity and communicate their insights to busy decisionmakers.  What we teach you is how to structure, contextualize and “storyfy” insights, getting to the point faster and ensuring more coherent interpretations, better decisions, deeper insights, more fruitful discussions.

What the students are saying about our instruction:

I started working in 1968 and cannot remember having had a better instructor, except maybe during my year at IMD.

This is the first seminar that I have attended where I did not at any time look at the watch and look at the agenda to find out how much more time I had to spend at the seminar.

Praise: direct and honest with regards to work methods and in discussions Praise: dynamic as to letting discussions carry on when interesting / relevant Praise: not religious to schedule

I’ve taken the class 3 times now and enjoyed every session and have come out of every session with something new.

This was a good course. Close time-management meant we did not over-run. Lots of enthusiasm from the instructor.

I like the way Carl reins in the one participant who “learns by talking” in a courteous but firm manner in a class that largely “learns by listening and doing”.

His background from the business/finance industry was very helpful in the way he gave examples and answered questions.  Overall Mr Stormer was a very good, motivating instructor and a pleasent man.

He should get three days to hold this course as it is highly relevant and important.

I felt Carl did a great job in helping us to look at the subject matter in a different perspective other than as bankers. This helps open your mind to other solutions and structuring.

Soft skill sessions aren’t easy to teach. Creating audience traction and keeping them interested in the subject matter was a huge achievement! What is often assumed a “common sense skill” was explained in a very structured, organized way with many tools & tricks imparted to enhance an area which we all take for granted – expressing our ideas and putting it on paper.

Has a lot of energy and gets everyone involved.


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