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JazzCode´s Structure, Setting, Story class – room requirements

In order to run a successful class for 12-28 participants, we need a large conference room with daylight and good ventilation. Don´t book a cramped room or skimp on supplies! It will diminish the experience and make it much harder for the groups to function.

Must have: Large conference room with daylight and good ventilation.

Tables:  Groups of four seated around group tables. Each participant will need room to take notes and need to be see the other participants and the screen/instructor.
In front: A table w/ chair for the instructor facing the class (make sure the HDMI cable from the computer to the projector (16:11) is long enough to allow the instructor to sit directly in front of the class!).  Cables : Make sure there are at least one power-outlet next to the instructor´s table.  Stationary for each table: A stack of flip-overs with adhesive/glue on the back (to hang on the wall when filled out). Ample supply of A5 post-it notes and thin markers – not bullet point pens for each table.

On the side of the room: wall space to hang flips-overs (please remove paintings, posters and other wall decorations; we will need space to discuss group exercises).
One name tag for each participant to be filled out with black marker and placed in front of each participant.
A projector, preferable 16:11, projecting towards one or more screens in front. HDMI cable with functioning audio is also needed as is speakers to play audio from a computer.
Ample supply of fresh water fruits, coffee, and snacks. Usually we will need coffe, fresh fruit and pastries at around 9:30 and 15:00. Lunch at 12-13:00.  Pls. get exact times from Carl.
Wireless internet connection (if not available, please inform Carl in advance).
Please contact Carl Stormer if you have questions regarding requirements. +4792280846 or +1 (707) 676-3883


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